Ten Foods To Eat for Healthier Skin (Infographic)

Ten Easy Steps to Healthier Skin

Remember when mom use to say “you are what you eat.” Well I haven’t heard that in a while and luckily I haven’t started saying that to my own kids (hopefully I never will). But I think there’s a little lesson to be learned.


I am not a doctor and I am not a nutritionist. These 10 steps came from my own research and testing. Please consult your doctor and nutritionist before making changes to your diet.

I did some research and a bit of testing to come up with these 10 Easy Steps for Healthier Skin. Some might surprise you. I know I was happy about the chocolate one.

Below is a little infographic I had made to make this a little more fun. You can copy and embed it on your site as well (for free), the embed code is included below the image. Then below that I list out the 10 steps so you can read them as well if you would like.

healthier skin infographic

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Step 1 – Chocolate

Eat chocolate for glowing skin, preferably dark chocolate with potent antioxidants.
Have one or two squares a day maximum for glowing skin without overindulging.

Step 2 – Pomegranates

Protect skin with the polyphenol antioxidants in pomegranates – they regulate blood flow.
Eat a pomegranate or some pomegranate seeds each day.

Step 3 – Walnuts

Eat walnuts to soften your skin and improve elasticity thanks to Omega 3 fatty acids.
Have a handful a day to reap the benefits.

Step 4 – Peppers

Eat green and yellow vegetables such as peppers to fight off wrinkles, especially around the eyes.
Aim for two cups of peppers per day.

Step 5 – Sunflower Seeds

Have a handful of sunflower seeds each day to protect your skin from the sun.
The high fatty acid content in these seeds is perfect for dry parts, such as the lips and heels.

Step 6 – Kidney Beans

Clear up spots and acne with the help of kidney beans.
Kidney beans are high in zinc, which has been linked with clearer skin.

Step 7 – Edamame

Eat one cup of edamame a day for a clear complexion.
Soy contains minerals and proteins that reduce hyper pigmentation.

Step 8 – Green Tea

Drink green tea to reduce skin redness and inflammation.
Have at least one cup a day to utilize the EGCG antioxidants.

Step 9 – Oatmeal

Steel cut oatmeal is full of vitamins and is thought to have wrinkle smoothing properties.
A small portion of oats per day (or used in another recipe) should do the trick.

Step 10 – Kale

Eat one cup of kale per day to utilize the skin firming properties it contains.
It’s a great source of lutein and zeaxanthin, which neutralize free radicals created by UV light.

Additional Comments

Don’t forget that for a complete healthy solution you need to be sure to take a good daily vitamin. You’ll also need to try and keep you skin clean from cellulite.



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Chelsea is a mother of 2 and owner of New Body Essentials. She had some health and skin problems right after giving birth to her first son. From that time on she has been on a quest to find the best way to get rid of cellulite, skin rashes, and cracked heels.

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