Does Massaging Help Cellulite? We Debunk the Myths

Cellulite is terrible. It looks bad and it makes you feel bad.  But its actually not a sign of unhealthiness.  It could be in your genes and exaggerated by overall unhealthiness. In this article we dive into cellulite and specifically if massaging helps. Also I give you a little product recommendation that you can buy here.

Does Massaging Help Cellulite?

Yes, massaging helps get rid of cellulite.  But usually just for a short period of time. Many specialists have discovered methods remove excess fluids from fat in the body especially in areas where the fat clings to tissues and forms cellulite.  The massage will leave you feeling better and looking better with less visible cellulite on your legs, thighs, butt, or arms.

Lets talk a little bit about Cellulite

Cellulite is fat.  So less fat, less cellulite. But we all have fat its a normal and necessary part of our body.  So what is the difference between cellulite and fat? Cellulite is the shape of the fat that shows through the skin when it clings to other tissues.  This could mean that you have too much fat in that area or it could just be the normal shape of your body.

That being said, the appearance is very unattractive.  And I know that appearances can affect your confidence which does affect your overall health.  So understanding this you can see how massaging can actually help the real problem of cellulite which is temporarily getting rid of it so that you can feel better.

My Cellulite Massager Recommendation

cellulite massagerSo I do have a suggestion for you.  You can buy this cellulite massager it works like a charm.  I use it almost everytime before I go out.  I massage my legs and thighs for a good 5 to 10 minutes everyday before going out.  It makes my skin feel a bit tighter and the cellulite less visible.  I give myself the approval in the mirror and I feel more confident.

You should do the same.

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About the Author

Chelsea is a mother of 2 and owner of New Body Essentials. She had some health and skin problems right after giving birth to her first son. From that time on she has been on a quest to find the best way to get rid of cellulite, skin rashes, and cracked heels.