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body brushes for cellulite

Brush Your Cellulite Off

Ok, so that doesn’t quite have the same ring as Jay Z’s “brush your shoulders off” lyric from the 2003 summer hit “Dirt Off Your Shoulder,” but it’s kind of the same idea. Jay is rapping about brushing off the haters, forgetting about the things that bother you…that’s what we’re talking about here. Brushing off […]

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17 how to get rid of cellulite

Send Cellulite Packing with These Helpful Tips

As I’ve previously written, I read in a Telegraph article that how to get rid of cellulite “is googled every .71 seconds.” That means that tons of the 80- to 90-percent of women (and almost no men) are trying to determine how to remove cellulite. Most doctors (and retailers) will tell you that there is […]

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Does Massaging Help Cellulite? We Debunk the Myths

Cellulite is terrible. It looks bad and it makes you feel bad.  But its actually not a sign of unhealthiness.  It could be in your genes and exaggerated by overall unhealthiness. In this article we dive into cellulite and specifically if massaging helps. Also I give you a little product recommendation that you can buy here. […]

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