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1 cellulite massager

Best Products to Roll or Massage Away Your Cellulite reports that cellulite affects 80 to 90 percent of women, and according to Cosmopolitan, cellulite doesn’t discriminate; it targets people both petite and plus-sized (and anywhere in between) and can show up at any age. Though not medically dangerous, it is unsightly for sure.​A quick Wikipedia search spells it out in super-sciency fashion, “Cellulite […]

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Does Massaging Help Cellulite? We Debunk the Myths

Cellulite is terrible. It looks bad and it makes you feel bad.  But its actually not a sign of unhealthiness.  It could be in your genes and exaggerated by overall unhealthiness. In this article we dive into cellulite and specifically if massaging helps. Also I give you a little product recommendation that you can buy here. […]

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